Corrosion Test Kit

The Salty Doggs Corrosion Test Kit is a powerful and easy to use tool to combat corrosion on your boat. In 1-2 hours you will be fully familiar with the corrosion testing of your boat which will help you avoid expensive corrosion repairs on your submerged fittings, outdrives, prop and/or shaft.

Proper use of this test kit will allow you to maintain your marine recreational investment in “corrosion free” condition, whether you are in a “hot” marina or otherwise. It will let you know when your boat is not adequately protected and in need of new zinc anodes or supplemental cathodic protection measures.

The kit is designed to allow you, the boat owner, to determine the corrosion status of the submerged metallic parts of your boat such as the thru-hull fittings, aluminum outdrives, keel, shaft and propeller. The majority of the boats manufactured in the U.S. with fiberglass hull, all submerged metallic parts are bonded together with a bonding wire.

This product assumes that you have a fiberglass or steel hull and electrically continuous (bonded) system containing a combination of stainless and or carbon steel as well as brass submerged fittings.

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Using the Corrosion-Test-Kit

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