Dairyland 50/60A Galvanic Isolator FSP

Dairyland 50/60A Galvanic Isolator FSP
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All DEI Galvanic Isolators (GI) are fail-safe, solid-state DC isolation/ AC coupling devices with ratings and characteristics that significantly exceed those of all known galvanic isolators designed for marine applications. The proven fail-safe construction assures that the galvanic isolator never compromises the integrity of the grounding conductor, even in the unlikely case of the product failing. The 50/60A Galvanic Isolator is appropriately rated for all 50A shore power services, as well as dual 30A shore power services, and has been fully tested to meet the latest revisions to ABYC A-28, the standard governing galvanic isolators in the US marine industry. The DEI 50/60A Galvanic Isolator comes in both Fail-Safe Plus® and Fail-Safe MAX® versions, giving the customer increased options for safety.

  • Rated to 50/60A (suitable for 50A and dual 30A shore power services)
  • Fail-safe Plus®* construction
  • Certified to ABYC A-28 July 2008 publication
  • CE Marine - ISO 8846
  • No monitoring system required
  • Highest AC fault current ratings available
  • Lightning current rated (Not required by ABYC A-28)
  • Ignition protected
  • Maintenance-free solid-state design
  • Rated for high levels of lightning current
  • Very low DC leakage current allowed

*) Fail-Safe Plus® models not only meet the fail-safe test criteria in ABYC A-28, the US standard for galvanic isolators, but also have considerably higher AC fault current ratings than are required and have substantial lightning current ratings which are not required by A-28; hence, the "Plus" version unique to DEI.

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